Xmas Traditions

Turkey, ham, spaghetti–it varies among every family with what they eat for Christmas dinner. In this post I will be sharing a few of my family’s quirky, odd, or completely normal holiday traditions.



  • On Christmas Eve, we eat junk. It could be Christmas cookies; it could be cold, leftover pizza, but it’s pretty much always junk. And I wonder why I’m chubby.
  • For breakfast on Xmas morning we always have egg souffle, which is like a sausage and egg casserole. I don’t care for eggs, but my family likes it, so, whatever. I go with it.
  • For lunch, we have scamboli/stromboli??? I don’t know the actual term for it. It’s delicous, whatever it is.
  • For dinner, we generally have scamboli and souffle leftovers



  • On Xmas Eve we generally always watch It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol.
  • On Xmas Day we watch festive movies we haven’t gotten to watch yet or movies that we just got. Sometimes we don’t watch any and just hang around.



  • We make gingerbread houses.
  • And many different kinds of cookies.
  • And drive around and look at the pretty lights.
  • We open up a few small presents on the night before, but most during the ‘big day.’



  • We have a lovely little tree that we set up every year unless we get a live tree. I LOVE LIVE TREES. This year we have more furniture so we didn’t have room for a live one…sadness. 😉
  • I have the tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas and it is SO. STINKIN’. CUTE. It’s on top of my piano.
  • My sister and I have matching stockings that my mother made??? for us when we were very young. They also match closely to our tree skirt.


What are y’all’s traditions? Comment down below and tell me your favorites!


Letting it snow,





News+Historical Announcement

Hello, lovely ladies and gentlemen! I would like to interrupt your day only to say that


a) my cousin/sister/crazy person who lives with me is getting married!!! and




Okay, so, yes, I know that technically the first should be a bigger announcement. But whatevs.


Kenzie, a close friend of mine for half of my life/cousin-sister-thing is engaged. WHAT. Like yesterday she was thirteen and I was sitting on her lap arguing with her that horses are better than tigers and now she has a rock on her left hand and is wedding planning????????????????? (But I’m over horses now. #TEAMTIGER)


But in all seriousness, I can’t believe we’ve grown up this quickly and I wish Kenzie and Sam (the weirdo who makes her giggle like a mentally ill chipmunk) the best of luck. Congrats.

The wedding is set for May. YAY. I LOVE WEDDINGS. I’ll probably do a photo post after the graduation/vacation rush is over.




A CHRISTMAS THEME. *shrieks and throws candy canes everywhere*

And after Christmas…who knows what I’ll do. Shall I change it back to the adorable aquatic theme? Shall I change to something upbeat and funky for 2018? WHO KNOWS????



Please Be Real

I debated about posting this. I almost didn’t. But I am, so listen up. 😀 Just kidding. *puts on serious face*


I don’t like fake people or people who try to make me think that they are different than they really are. And neither, I believe, does God.


Now, granted, I have been guilty of being ‘fake’ myself a time or two. And I’m not proud of it. From my understanding, it is a form of deceit, much like lying. And since we all know and agree that lying is a sin, why don’t we come to the terms with the fact that intentionally false appearances are, also?


Proverbs 19:9 reads “A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.” Now, all Bible believers would agree that lying is wrong. We have been taught that since childhood. In my house, if you lied to Mom or Dad, there would be consequences that you wouldn’t forget for awhile. But what is this ‘false witness’ who is going to be punished?


From Webster’s 1828:



1. Not true; not conformable to fact; expressing what is contrary to that which exists, is done, said or thought. A false report communicates what is not done or said. A false accusation imputes to a person what he has not done or said. A false witness testifies what is not true. A false opinion is not according to truth or fact. The word is applicable to any subject, physical or moral.



1. Testimony; attestation of a fact or event.

If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true. John 5:31.

2. That which furnishes evidence or proof.

Laban said, this heap is a witness between me and thee this day. Genesis 31:44.

3. A person who knows or sees any thing; one personally present; as, he was witness; he was an eye-witness. 1 Peter 5:1.

4. One who sees the execution of an instrument, and subscribes it for the purpose of confirming its authenticity b his testimony.

5. One who gives testimony; as, the witnesses in court agreed in all essential facts.

With a witness effectually; to a great degree; with great force, so as to leave some mark as a testimony behind. He struck with a witness [Not elegant.]



So, basically, a false witness is someone who speaks untruthfully or, in this case, acts untruthfully. Let me illustrate:


I know several people who have the “no-pants-on-women” conviction. My family holds that standard as do several other families we connect with. The majority of the core families in our church hold that standard, and it is upheld for the church’s ministries (i.e. the choir, school, etc.).


Some people in our church, however, disagree or do not hold that standard. Does this make them any less of a Christian? No. Do I look down on ladies who do not hold that standard? No.


But, let’s say that we are attending a large, non-church related function such as Memorial Day Parade. (Just a note, this is loosely based off of vague incidents that have happened in my life or that I have heard about. The time and place are fictional.) Several people who hold the standard in question are going to attend, as well as several who don’t. I will be there, and I will be wearing a skirt. As usual. There is nothing out of the ordinary.


Now, as this is hypothetical, let’s say that you are a lady and you wear pants. If you see nothing wrong with wearing pants, and you can do so in complete faith, good for you! But you know that I am going to be there, and I’m going to be in a skirt. So you decide to wear a skirt.


Now, this can go either way, depending on your attitude and motivation.


If you think “Oh, Abilene’s going to be there, and she’ll be wearing a skirt, so I should wear a skirt, too, out of respect for her beliefs. I know she won’t be offended if I wear my capris but I want to respect her convictions,”, that is very considerate and I commend you.


But what if you think “Ugh, Abilene’s going to be there. I really want to wear those skinny jeans because they go so well with my shirt and show off my body, but Ab wears skirts. I guess I’ll just wear a skirt to make her think that I’m more spiritual,”, maybe there’s something wrong with your heart.


Now, I’m not saying if you wear pants that you’re more spiritual if you wear skirts, or vice versa. I know people who wear skirts all of the time and are less spiritual than people I know who wear pants. This was just an example.


But do you see what I mean?


The girl who thinks “I’m just going to wear a skirt to impress people. I really want to wear my jeans, but I want to make people think I’m better than I am” is what I would call a false witness. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying anyone who wears skirts is better than anyone who wears pants. This is just hypothetical and was the easiest example I could think of. But do you see how she would be a false witness?


She is lying about herself.  She sets herself up as something she’s not. And I know that I have been guilty of this, too, not necessarily in the area of dress standards but in my speech and actions, so don’t think I’m just having a big rant about people that I think are fake. I’m writing this all out for my benefit, too.


But wouldn’t you call someone who makes themselves appear as something different a false witness?


I think that especially young ladies struggle with this. We want to fit in, to get along with other kids our age. We think that if we dress a certain way or act like our ‘friends’ we can fool people. But, most of the time, we can’t. And so we come off as ‘fake’, because we are. Not because we want to be, but because we want to be liked.


And, I believe, that is one reason why many girls are unhappy. Because they aren’t being them. They talk a certain way and act a certain way and dress a certain way because they want to fit in, but those certain ways aren’t the real them. They could be more of make-up and Starbucks and high-end kind of girl but they hang out with kids who play street ball and haven’t tried a new hairstyle since fourth grade, so they pull on their old Nikes and suddenly become Bulls fans. They could have stellar campfire-starting and survival skills but their ‘best friend’ is a YouTuber so their hiking backpack gets stuffed in the back of their closet while they try to understand the purpose of vlogging. And some of them aren’t happy because they know that this isn’t who they are.


Well, my friends, it’s time to stop pretending and find out who we are, specifically who we are in Christ. It’s time to learn enough about our Savior to find out what He expects of us, so that we can be who we are in Him. Not play by another’s rules, but by His rules.


Psalm 139:14 says “I will praise thee: for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Do you know that means to me? It means that God created us the way we are for a reasonNot to mimic someone else or to change our personality to fit it, but to serve Him the way we He made us. So who cares if you play hockey but your friends are all about their grades? If they are truly your friends, they will love you despite your differences. You don’t have to dress like Taylor Swift to be cool. God made you the way you are and He loves you enough to go to a cross for you. And that’s the same God who created the universe. I think that’s pretty cool.


So, to summarize, God should be our focus. We should be who we are in Him, not pretend to be somebody that we aren’t.






My Summer+Photography Post


School starts in a month.

I am not ready for this.

But here I am, typing away on Spike (my laptop–I watch too much Flashpoint) when I should really, really be sleeping. But, hey, it’s only 12:02. The night’s still young.

Ahh, summer. The three months of freedom that every elementary and high school student relishes alike. Usually packed full of vacations, birthday parties, soccer games, camping trips, and trips to the pool. In an effort to actually blog, I will tell you how my summer has gone-so far-in one word:


As every summer does, this one has flown by. I’ve gone to the ocean. I’ve watched fireworks and an airshow. I’ve stayed up late watching movies and playing board games. I’ve survived a trip to an alligator farm. I’ve cried tears of anger and tears of sorrow and tears of joy. I’ve endured spending almost half of my bank account to buy Spike (It was a painful ordeal). I have watched people laugh and cry, rejoice and mourn. I’ve been cooped up in a house full of people and in a tiny room by myself. I’ve sorted through hundreds of books and videos and magazines and sat behind a desk and answered childrens’ questions and marked off symbols on cardstock with Sharpies. I’ve written and I’ve read. I’ve played volleyball and mini-golf and went to the gym. I’ve chatted with friends casually and also have had some pretty serious conversations. I’ve driven a vehicle bigger than a Lincoln Towncar for the first time. I’ve explored ruins of forts and walked through nature reserves. I’ve been to gift shops and Walmarts and souvenir stores and Winn-Dixie and museums and art galleries and libraries and churches and hotels and historical sites and malls.  I’ve attended revival meetings and have been revived. I’ve made life-changing decisions and goofed off with other teenagers. I’ve lived.


In a few short weeks, my summer will be gone. School will start. So will strict schedules, early rises, microwaved lunches, long lectures, lots of highlitings, speed-readings, flashcard making, equation solvings, homework beginnings. But will it be good for me. And I’ll wait for the funny teachers, the recesses, the weekends, the moments when I can live again.


And now (drumroll, please) it is time for the long-awaited photography post!!!!!

I am very much an amateur who hasn’t had very much practice. My bestie and her ‘brother’, though, are also photographers, so I can get a few pointers. If you want to check out her photography board, click here.

And so, without further ado, here goes:





Career Choices

You guys know the drill. You, as young teenager, are more worried about when your pizza will be delivered and when Incredibles 2 is coming out on DVD than about your future and ‘what I want to be when I grow up.’

And then an adult looks at you, cocks their head, and asks the dreaded question:

“So, what do you want to do with your life?”

You blink. Why do people always ask this? Why don’t they just realize that, for the time being, you want to stay as childish as you can for as long as you can and don’t want to think about college and taxes and adult things? But now you have to answer, so you beg off with the words “I don’t know.”

Well, my friend, now I know.

Ever since I was young, I’ve wanted to be a scientist. A vet was the first thing. I loved animals. Then it was a chemist, a marine biologist, etc. Above all, of course, I want to be a stay-at-home mom, but I’ve always wanted to get a nice education. When I reached my tweens, I dreamed of studying astronomy or computer science. I still would love to work for NASA and music is always a possibility. But I think I’ve found what God wants me to be.

For the past few years, I’ve heard a lot about the medical field. I’ve read books that housed characters that were doctors and watched shows where nurses were the heroes. I’ve had friends go off to college for nursing. I’ve heard of missions trips with large focuses on the medical side of things. My aunt is an RN. My cousin is an RN who works in the ER. Several people in my church have experience in the medical field. I’ve had to do a little bit of medical research for my novel, which I found fascinating. I liked studying the skeleton in biology. The more I think about, the more things in my life are pointing flashing neon lights towards the field of nursing.

I believe God wants me to be a nurse. It was never something I really wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to do something big, to make my mark on history. You know, like the first woman to walk on Mars or something. But I can’t get away from nursing. God won’t leave me alone. I’d much rather be an actual doctor or an astronaut or a concert pianist (haha I have no music skills) or college professor.

I really don’t know why God is leading me this way. I mean, I want to help people, but there’s other ways I could help people besides sticking IVs in them in hospitals. God just won’t let me get my mind off of it. I am really hoping this is of God and I’m not just somehow confusing myself, but I don’t see how it could be of me. If it isn’t of God, I pray that He’ll make that clear before I actually go to college for it.

Eventually, I think, He’ll bring Mr. Right along and I’ll marry. Then, I suppose, I’ll quit my job and become a housewife, which is what I’ve always wanted. But until then, and unless He tells me differently, I’ll be an RN.