*angry pterodactyl screeching*

I am thoroughly convinced that some plant matter was not created to be consumed by humans. This is a belief I have come to through many years of experience in my field of expertise, eating. I will not be talked out of it.


But Abilene, you say, aren’t vegetables good for you?

I will admit, some of them are. But most are despicable.


A description of one of the main offenders:

Leafy, forest green vegetables that taste like grass. Supposedly, such vegetables are ‘healthy’ and ‘make you grow big and strong’ but eating such will only make you hate yourself and have grass-like particles stuck in your teeth until you can floss. Sometimes restaurants put said vegetable on pizza. Those idiots. Do they not realize that they are wasting precious dough, cheese and sauce to create a despicable flavor of everyone’s favourite Italian dish?

Spinach. Yuck.


Another description of an equally hateable vegetable:

Long and stringy, this food should only be used to feed prison inmates. Usually cooked with salt and pepper (or sometimes eaten raw by da crazies), this pea-like dish is disgusting. Unfortunately, many middle class children are tormented by well-meaning parents when they are forced to choke down bowlfulls of said vegetable. That is why such children have trust issues.

Green beans. The horror.


A third:

Devilishly pink, this root is considered one of the most hated vegetables in America. That’s a lot of middle schoolers who despise this particular dish. Though somewhat sweet, this plant packs a flavor that mainly tastes like DIRT. I would appreciate that more if I was in the backyard eating worms, but, unfortunately, I’d be at the dinner table, cringing at what I see in the little glass bowl next to my plate.


How revolting. 


The grand finale:

Small, terrifying rolls that look like mini cabbages, this is every elementary (and high school) student’s worst nightmare. Though they often are covered in melted cheese or some such product in attempts to mask their unpalatable, wretched, foul, repulsive taste, these little bombs will never cease to be on my list for the “Most Nasty Vegetable” award. And the worst part is, some people actually like them! And expect other people (those who actually have half of a sense of taste), to eat them and enjoy them. No wonder we have problems with America.


Brussel sprouts. *gags*





I’m a Sophomore??? Whhaaat!



Ahem. *smoothes shirt* *worries why ‘smoothes’ is underlined with a suspicious little squiggly line*


In all seriousness, I am fifteen years old. I am going into tenth grade. And I’m not completely certain I like it.


Oh, there’s the joy of having new classes. (Abeka English 10 with Mrs. Thompson? Priceless) And the happiness of getting closer to graduation. (YAY) But soon after that will come a period where I will have to….adult.
I can see it now.


“Pay for me own pizza? My own pizza?  Do you people not realize that I am actually seven years old? I can’t pay for a large Hawaiian pizza with extra pineapple! I’m not even allowed to use the oven!” *narrows eyes at delivery boy (who stares at the weird college age girl in bewilderment)*




I’m going to be in college. In four years. I don’t know anything! I can barely tie my shoes, and I’m going to be in college!!!! Studying nerdy science stuff or something equally odd!



Okay, so maybe my estimates of myself are a little exaggerated. But college?


*sighs louder*


At least by then I’ll have a job and a car and an actual gym membership and a favourite hairdresser and I’ll have my life all figured out, right?


hahahahahahahahahahahaha. 😀





Wishing for Hawaiian pizza,







What I’m Reading

Hmm. Let’s see. Books. Strange, papery objects commonly held in the hand and read by scanning the eyes over black lines that adorn the inside. Those who read them frequently for pleasure and literary wealth are known as ‘bookworms’, a derogatory term taken from several species of insects that live in, riddle through, and destroy the objects known as books.


I prefer being called a ‘book dragon.’


This book dragon has been quite busy this summer, devouring any fascinating piece of literature she can lay her claws on. In case you would like see what she enjoys, she has provided this post for your edification.





Ah, yes. The eleventh installment in the Left Behind Series. If you want to read the book dragon’s review on the first book of said series, click here. Armageddon brought on intriguing plot developments and LOTS of unshed tears….Don’t read the inside cover of Glorious Appearing if you don’t want Armageddon spoilers.



Glorious Appearing

Glorious Appearing

Like any self-respecting book dragon, I picked up the next book in my favourite series as soon as I finished the previous one. I’m just super disappointed that I’M FINALLY GETTING TO THE END OF MY FAVOURITE SERIES. WHAT EVEN. I just have the prequel trilogy and the last sequel, Kingdom Come. *sniffs*





I recently received this for my birthday… SO GOOD. I’ve only read the first couple of chapters but I love it.



Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity


This book is set in the middle of WWII and the main viewpoint is from a Brit spy captured by the Gestapo. The storyline is great but there is a spattering of curse words now and then and it also uses Christ’s name in vain. I’m only a few chapters in but it seems really good otherwise. (I don’t really recommend this to younger readers because of the language. Maybe I’ll do a full review once I finish it.)


Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

An old favourite, shall we say? Anne was one of the first to make me recognize my love for romance, novels, and autumn. I’m trying to reread the series…but there’s so many other good books that I haven’t read already!!!! Anyway, my favourite of the original eight would probably be Rilla of Ingleside. I can sort-of relate to Rilla and I love the character development and the heartbreak. SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE IF YOU HAVE NOT READ RILLA OF INGLESIDE AND DO NOT WANT SPOILERS. Walter’s death broke my li’l fragile heart–he was my favourite!!!! *sobs hysterically in corner surrounded by dusty novels and used Kleenex* Oh, and, who doesn’t love Gilbert???



Some books I’m planning on reading this summer/fall:



Cry of Courage

Johnny Tremain (technically I am already half way through it but haven’t read it in months, shame on me)

Babylon Rising

A Hero’s Guide to Saving His Kingdom



So, anyway…yeah. If you’ve read any of these, comment below and tell me which ones are your favorites. I’m just hoping that Code Name Verity stays good lol. 😀



Am I doing this right?

Am I doing this whole blogging thing right? Because I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that says I’m not.


Should I post more about my life than I do? For that matter, should I post more in general? I don’t know. Should I post short stories? more book reviews? devotionals? Should I talk more about things people can relate to? Should I talk more about other people than just about me and my life? I feel like there’s so much I could be doing better that would mean more to people.


Should I have pictures on the side bar, or more widgets? Even fewer widgets? Should I follow more blogs?


I don’t know. When I first got this blog, I was so excited that people could see what I write, put their selves in my shoes for ten minutes. But now I don’t know if I write clear enough that they can. And, nobody will anyway, because nobody’s reading it.


Am I doing this right? Because I don’t think that I am.



Character Interview–Katie from Though He Slay Me

Me: Hello, Katie. It’s nice to finally be able to meet you after all these years. Did you know you were originally going to be named Jamie?


Katie Riley: Yes, Abby, I had heard that from my parents. I’m glad they named me Katie. Jamie is okay, but I prefer Jayma, especially for a middle name.


Me: That’s interesting. Anyway, since I want to ask you a few questions, I’ll start off with some simple ones.  How old are you and how many siblings do you have?

KR: I am fourteen. I have six siblings, four brothers, two sisters. I’m a middle child. My brothers are two sets of twins, one pair five years older than me, the other three years younger than me. Alice is the oldest and Becky is the baby of the family.


Me: Wow, that’s a lot. Do you have many interests, hobbies, or obsessions?


KR: *laughs*  You could say that I do. Music is one of my interests, I suppose. I play violin, so I guess you could say that it’s a hobby, too. A few other interests would be soccer, skiing, aerospace dynamics and engineering, carving, and molecular biology. To name a few hobbies…reading, obviously. I love to read. Ummm…reciting poetry, quoting Shakespeare, flying, tackle football with my brothers, riding Troop, playing chess, watching old war movies from the 40s.


Me: So, an obsession of yours would be…?


KR: I guess I don’t really have any…well, I guess you could say I’m obsessed with Jesus. *grins* He’s a noble Person to be obsessed with, isn’t He?


Me: He surely is. Speaking of Christianity, is it true that your family and a group of others is moving to Africa in a few short weeks?


KR: Yes, that’s true. We will be leaving for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We plan to set up a larger mission on the edge of the forest and gradually migrate into a smaller mission in the interior. The mainly untouched tribes will be who we are trying to reach primarily.


Me: How do you feel about this intercontinental move?

KR: *sighs* It’s okay, I guess. I mean, I know God wants us to go, but I’m going to hate leaving my extended family, some of my friends, and of course, my horse.


Me: I take it that Troop is your horse?


KR: Yes. He’s an old retired racehorse my dad bought for a few hundred at an auction. He’s really sweet.


Me: He sounds dreamy. You must love him a lot.


KR: Yeah. We’re giving him to my uncle before we move. He has a farm in Idaho.


Me: Potatoes, huh?

KR: You got it. Potatoes, a little bit of corn, some beans, alfalfa, a few hogs, two cows, and, sooner or later, Troop.


Me: So, what would you say it is your most embarrassing moment?


KR: Ummm…*laughs nervously* When I was seven, I thought this guy was a police officer….I was mad at Jack at the time…anyway, he wasn’t a police officer, and he thought what I said to him was hilarious. He picked me up, put me on his shoulder in the middle of the cold foods section of Walmart, and yelled out what I had said to everybody who would listen.


Me: Well, what did you say?


KR: I’d rather not let that cat get out, if you’ll pardon the expression.


Me: No problem. That’s the all time I have, though. Can we do this again sometime?


KR: Sure. God bless.



‘Bama is calling and I must go

I’m going to Gulf Shores!!!!!!
Sandy beaches, sparkling blue water, a golf course filled with gators, twenty-three people in one house for a week…what’s not to love???

Saturday or Sunday I will see the ocean for the first time. It’s exciting. 😊 Meredith, my sister, is worried about sharks. I’m trying to reason with her… here’s how the conversations usually go:

Me–Sis, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than be bitten by a shark. Lighten up.

Mer–I don’t care! Shark attacks are always in the news! Eleven people have been attacked unprovoked in Alabama since 1900!


Mer–I don’t care. I want to see them coming at me. I hope the water is clear.

Me–*sighs* Whatever.
Anyway, since Meredith and our cousin Alyssa are graduating next year, my mom’s side of the family wanted to have a big vacation together before kids go off to college and start families of their own, so our grandparents, our family, and my mom’s siblings rented a house for a week. There are thirteen grandkids, ten of them girls, seven of those in the teenage years. Talk about no bathroom availability. 😂
We’re leaving Friday after Dad gets off work to drive to St. Lou to spend the night. Saturday, Meredith’s seventeenth birthday, we’ll drive the rest of the way and get in just in time for pizza. I think a party may be in the works…(Shh. You didn’t hear it from me.)😊
So, if I’m quiet for about a week, it’s because I’m building sandcastles under a summer sky. Hopefully I won’t be gone as long as last time.
Dreaming of the beautiful Gulf,