My Writings

Though He Slay Me


Genre: Christian fiction, YA adventure

Word Count: 31k


Civil war is brewing in the depths of Katie’s heart.

When her brother Jack is presumed dead after a ferocious jungle storm, the fourteen-year-old is scared, but more than that she’s angry, furious that a so-called loving God could do this to her family. When performing a routine search-and-rescue mission with hopes of finding Jack, her helicopter malfunctions and crashes into the labyrinth of the Congo rain forest. Suddenly alone, she must brave the terrors of the wilderness. What was a nightmare becomes a reality and Katie knows that if she ever wants to make it home alive she is going to have to be broken–broken like clay in the hands of the Potter.


(NOTE: I just wanted to say that this is my pet novel, the one I will finish first, the one I talk about most on this blog, and the one that will most likely be published!!!! I have been working on this idea for three years and it’s finally coming together!!! I will be done with my first draft very soon, then it’s to rewriting, editing, and getting an editor and agent!!! YIPEEE!!!!!)



The Alley Runners

 source; photographer

Genre: Christian fiction, Juvenile action

Word Count: Unknown

Things are happening. People slipping down the dead-end alley and not returning. Movement. Shadows. Twins Lizzie and Zach are puzzled–until their dog disappears and they decided to investigate. What–and who–the alley holds will forever change them.


Voyage on the Phantom

micah voyagee

Genre: Historical fiction, YA historical fiction, YA adventure

Word count: 0 🙂

It is at the height of the American War for Independence. Warned by his late father of the danger of the conflict, Micah, as was his father’s wish, signs on board the mysterious Captain James Lyle’s ship as a steward. But while in the middle of the Atlantic, the ship is attacked–only for Micah to be captured by the most feared pirate of the high seas: Captain Dungil. As a cabin boy, Micah plots his escape. But while on board, he meets a young Japanese boy with a few dark secrets of his own.


Soldier Boy

Civil War Soldiers & Sailors Database...The (CWSS) is a database containing information about the men who served in the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. Other information on the site includes histories of Union and Confederate regiments, links to descriptions of significant battles, and selected lists of prisoner-of-war records and cemetery records, which will be amended over time.


Genre: Historical fiction, YA historical fiction, YA adventure

Word count: 1000ish

After the end of the Civil War, Charlie, who was forced into service for the Confederacy, is orphaned, homeless, and penniless, his only friend a stray dog he nursed in the battlefield. When his father’s brother offers to take him and give him a job as an apprentice, Charlie leaves South Carolina for good and starts a long journey towards Kansas–a journey filled with peril and adventure–that will teach more about himself and his country.

*Disclaimer: I do not own or know of a copyright for the above pictures. If one of these is your intellectual property, please con0tact me and I will remove it.


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