Book Review: Catch You Later, Traitor

Hey, y’all! Sorry I’ve been kinda quiet lately, I’ve been (thinks of my practicing one song on the piano yesterday for an hour and a half; the Spanish 1 final I took on Thursday; the science test, also on Thursday; my cousin’s wedding next weekend; my sister’s graduation in two weeks; all of my homework)…busy. And quite a bit stressed. High school is hard, y’all, especially when you want straight A’s. But I didn’t post this to rant…

Anyway, I’m doing another book review! Sometimes I don’t really like doing these and then I read a really, really good book and know I have to do one or I’ll explode. So here I am 😀

Catch You Later, Traitor


by Avi


Goodreads description: Brooklyn, New York, 1951.

Twelve-year-old Pete Collison is a regular kid who loves Sam Spade detective books and radio crime dramas, but when an FBI agent shows up at Pete’s doorstep accusing his father of being a Communist, Pete finds himself caught in a real-life mystery. Could there really be Commies in Pete’s family? At the same time, Pete’s class turns against him, thanks to similar rumors spread by his own teacher; even Kat, Pete’s best friend, feels the pressure to ditch him. As Pete follows the quickly accumulating clues, he begins to wonder if the truth could put his family’s livelihood–and even their freedom–at risk.


Why Review? Because it was amazing.


Plot–5/5 Five thousand out of five stars. It was…amazing. I finished it in a day and a half and could not put it down.

Baby GIF



Storyline–4.99999/5 Because I’ve never read a novel that has an A+++++ storyline (well, except for maybe the third book of the Ascendance Trilogy) but this one came very, very close. It really made me think about things I’ve never really thought about before, like how the Red Scare impacted everybody and people who weren’t Communist were hurt by it.


Character Development–5/5 Pete…first a boy, then a man, and then a boy again. Avi did a great job with this.


Writing style–4/5 This was the first book by Avi that I’ve read, and I really enjoyed his style. Only a few scenes here and there that were oddly written prevented me from giving it five stars.


Overall rating–5/5 I finished this book late into the night and all I could do afterwards was sit on my bed and think about how good it was. I was near tears at some parts and laughing at others, and it showed me the Korean War era from a whole new perspective. It’s going onto my list of favorites–not only on the list, but somewhere near the top.



Y’all read any good books lately? Have any of you ever read Catch You Later, Traitor, or any other books by Avi? What are your favorite novels?



I’ll be back soon–after Kenzie’s wedding this week *squeals*, hopefully I’ll have a post commemorating that. 😀 😀 😀 😀







The Ascendance Trilogy: An Honest, Spoiler-Filled Review

I’m trying something new called an ‘honest review’, which is basically a review where I just rant and say the first things that came to my mind while experiencing the subject for the first time. And, finally, I’m reviewing what is my favorite fantasy series of all time: The Ascendance Trilogy! *fangirls till I can’t get up*


Now, before I begin, I would like to warn you that this review is FULL of spoilers. So, if you haven’t read the series and don’t want to find out things before you read them, DO NOT READ THIS. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. DON’T BE RECKLESS LIKE SAGE THIS TIME.


Book One: The False Prince

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen, YA F Nie

I found this from Britt’s blog a looong time ago and always wanted to read it. Once I even checked it out from the library, got in about five chapters, and had to return it. And then, last September, something possessed me to check it out again. I. AM. SO. GLAD.


In Book One, we meet Sage. A orphan boy who is a thief–THE ROAST INCIDENT LOLLLL. Anyways. He is recruited by Bevin Connor, a bad patriot???? I WAS SO CONFUSED ABOUT HIM, OKAY. And then Latamer died–that actually mad me sad–and I hated Connor. And then Sage can climb walls like Spider-Man? Sweet.

And the sword called Sage. The sword fit for the king. Sage was not humble at this point–nor is he ever. Oh, Sage. You’re priceless.

And then a bunch of stuff happens and then Sage is JARON, THE LOST SON OF CARTHYA?????? WHAT???? Actually, because I was getting so into the book even before that li’l plot twist was revealed, I looked the book up on Pinterest (I’m an enthusiast, sorry) and I….found out Sage was Jaron before I got that far in the book. I WAS SO MAD, OKAY. It was reaaly a sad day. And then all that stuff goes down at Farthenwood and Imogen hits him with a poker–forever laughing at that.

Oh, and, okay, Imogen. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. At first I was like “WHO IS THIS GIRL AND WHY IS SHE FROWNING AT SAGE HE’S SO COOL SHE CAN’T DO THAT” and then I was all like “Twu love” Jamogen forever. I love them so much.

And then Jaron is crowned king….YAAAAAS. And Roden was kinda huffy there for a bit…he he.



Book Two: The Runaway King

The Runaway King (Ascendance Trilogy Series #2)

OH NO RODEN’S BACK AND HE’S ANGRY THIS IS NOT GOOD. And Jaron you really shouldn’t skip your parent’s funeral that’s really sad. AND WHY DID YOU SEND IMOGEN AWAY MY HEART BROKE, JARON. WHY. JUST LOCK HER IN THE DUNGEON OR SOMETHING, I DON’T KNOW.  And then there’s Amarianda. I was so conflicted, guys. I liked her but I didn’t like her with Jaron because of Imogen…..NOT A LOVE TRIANGLE, PLEASE, NIELSON?

I liked Fink. HE WAS SO FEISTY FOR A LI’L GUY. Not as feisty as Jaron, but still. AND HE SPIT IN JARON’S FOOD. MAN I LOVE THIS AUTHOR.

And then Jaron goes to the pirates. The ones who ‘killed him’ four years before. I bet Jaron right before he thought they were gonna kill him sassed some pirate like ‘Y’ALL FOUR YEARS LATE.’ I’m pretty sure he actually did that. And Roden broke his leg…I hated Roden. It was terrible. It was like I was in physical pain for Jaron. BUT NONETHELESS, HE SURVIVED. And then all was well because Roden became captain of the guard…and then BAM. War. And Imogen was CAPTURED? NOOOOOOO!!!!!


Book Three: The Shadow Throne

The Shadow Throne - ascendance trilogy Bk 3 by Jennifer Nielsen - release date 3/1/14

Out of this trilogy, I have to say I enjoyed The Shadow Throne the best. Let me ‘splain…

OKAY SO BYE BYE IMOGEN WAAAH. But Tobias and the Princess are in love. Awww. I loved that, even though it wasn’t a huge part of the plot. I NO LONGER HAD TO BE CONFLICTED I AM FREEEEE. And the fake fight between Roden and Jaron…I was so confused there for a minute. So glad it was fake lol I was in turmoil

Imogen died? IMOGEN DIED???? This book has ruined my life. She’s dead. He’s heartbroken. WHY OH WHY DID I EVER READ THIS. Please, please, shoot me now and put me out of my misery. And shoot Jaron while you’re at it waaaah

But Jaron keeps fighting. Will this king of sass never stop? Please Jaron once your heart heals–NEVER MIND WHAT ARE YOU DOING GIVING YOURSELF TO THE AVENIANS??
Oh you clever boy. BUT DON’T DIE, OKAY?

Farthenwood again? WAIT IMOGEN’S ALIVE? YES, KISS HER, JARON. JAMOGEN SAILS AGAIN. Oh no not execution NO JARON WHAT ARE YOU DOING–CONNOR? Bevin Connor? For once, Connor…you did the right thing.




As a little bonus I’m including some of my favorite fanarts that I found on Pinterest.



Found this picture for the false prince. Love it so much!

So, I’m pretty sure this is Jaron the prince vs. Sage the thief. He looks so much more comfortable as a thief. So like himself LOL



The Shadow King fanart || Jaron and Imogen--Actually, this scene sewed my heart back together <3

From The Shadow Throne. As one pinner put it, “this scene sewed my heart back together”, and I agree.



King Jaron // The Shadow Throne Drawn by @Teresa Selberg DeLallo ---- Love this quote!



false prince  didn't do but really cool.


Imogen's face says all you need to know on Jaron XD


And that’s all, folks!!!! Have any of you read The Ascendance Trilogy? If so, what did you think????



Book Review: The Borrowers

The Borrowers

the borrowers

By Mary Norton


Arriety Clock is a Borrower–that is, she and her family secretly live in the house of the ‘human beans’ and ‘borrow’ items from the humans to survive–but at fourteen, she is curious and unsatisfied with life beneath the floor. That is until she is ‘seen’ and meets The Boy. For the first time ever, Borrowers become friends with a human bean–until mishap strikes and their world is literally turned upside down.


Why Review? As a child, I enjoyed the movie adaption of this book and I’ve had the book on my shelf for AGES. Currently, I’m going through my shelf from top to bottom and rereading all the books I haven’t ever read/finished, and this was one early on in my list.



This novel, a children’s classic, has an interesting enough plot. It’s not fantastic, but it’s not dull, either.



The storyline is mediocre, and I’m not exactly sure how this book became such a favorite. Honestly, I didn’t much enjoy it. It bored me, and I’m sure it would bore anybody above the age of nine.


Character development–3/5

Throughout the novel, Arriety’s parents learn to overcome their distrust of the human beans and grow to depend on The Boy, though I think Norton could have done a much better job of showing this. The way it was written it just wasn’t clear enough why they began to do away with hundreds of years of Borrower tradition.


Writing style–3/5

The style was okay. I liked how Norton left me hanging at the end and her transition of Kate’s point of view to Arriety’s at the beginning, but I found myself wading through most of it, even some of the action scenes.


Overall Rating–2/5

Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy this book, and I don’t think it’s just because it’s for children. I did, however, like the sequel a little bit more, but not enough to really care for.



Have any of y’all ever read this book? If so, what are your thoughts?







What I’m Reading

Hmm. Let’s see. Books. Strange, papery objects commonly held in the hand and read by scanning the eyes over black lines that adorn the inside. Those who read them frequently for pleasure and literary wealth are known as ‘bookworms’, a derogatory term taken from several species of insects that live in, riddle through, and destroy the objects known as books.


I prefer being called a ‘book dragon.’


This book dragon has been quite busy this summer, devouring any fascinating piece of literature she can lay her claws on. In case you would like see what she enjoys, she has provided this post for your edification.





Ah, yes. The eleventh installment in the Left Behind Series. If you want to read the book dragon’s review on the first book of said series, click here. Armageddon brought on intriguing plot developments and LOTS of unshed tears….Don’t read the inside cover of Glorious Appearing if you don’t want Armageddon spoilers.



Glorious Appearing

Glorious Appearing

Like any self-respecting book dragon, I picked up the next book in my favourite series as soon as I finished the previous one. I’m just super disappointed that I’M FINALLY GETTING TO THE END OF MY FAVOURITE SERIES. WHAT EVEN. I just have the prequel trilogy and the last sequel, Kingdom Come. *sniffs*





I recently received this for my birthday… SO GOOD. I’ve only read the first couple of chapters but I love it.



Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity


This book is set in the middle of WWII and the main viewpoint is from a Brit spy captured by the Gestapo. The storyline is great but there is a spattering of curse words now and then and it also uses Christ’s name in vain. I’m only a few chapters in but it seems really good otherwise. (I don’t really recommend this to younger readers because of the language. Maybe I’ll do a full review once I finish it.)


Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

An old favourite, shall we say? Anne was one of the first to make me recognize my love for romance, novels, and autumn. I’m trying to reread the series…but there’s so many other good books that I haven’t read already!!!! Anyway, my favourite of the original eight would probably be Rilla of Ingleside. I can sort-of relate to Rilla and I love the character development and the heartbreak. SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE IF YOU HAVE NOT READ RILLA OF INGLESIDE AND DO NOT WANT SPOILERS. Walter’s death broke my li’l fragile heart–he was my favourite!!!! *sobs hysterically in corner surrounded by dusty novels and used Kleenex* Oh, and, who doesn’t love Gilbert???



Some books I’m planning on reading this summer/fall:



Cry of Courage

Johnny Tremain (technically I am already half way through it but haven’t read it in months, shame on me)

Babylon Rising

A Hero’s Guide to Saving His Kingdom



So, anyway…yeah. If you’ve read any of these, comment below and tell me which ones are your favorites. I’m just hoping that Code Name Verity stays good lol. 😀



Book Review: Left Behind

As my first book review, I decided to review the first book of my current favorite series, Left Behind.
Left Behind

 A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days

As unbelievers left behind after the Rapture, airline pilot Rayford Steele and journalist Buck Williams must both stay alive and try to find the truth about the vanishings.


This book has a FANTASTIC plot. It’s even better than Henry and Mudge: Puddle Trouble.

Storyline– 4/5

Overall, the storyline is pretty interesting. There are several conversations between Nicolae, Stonagal and Todd-Cothran that go over my head, and several sections that I had to wade through, but it had OK writing and interesting sub-plots.

Character Development– 5/5

Excellent development. ‘Nuff said.

Biblical Accuracy– 4/5

Despite having those who blatantly rejected Jesus before the Rapture somehow turn to Jesus, it was actually pretty accurate. In the later books, however, there are a few Trib timeline errors, but that’s for a different day. 😆

Hope you enjoy!