Abby’s Top Eight Christmas Movies

The most wonderful time of the year isn’t complete without the most wonderful movies!!! To start off my Christmas posts, I decided to share my favorite festive movies and why I like them. They aren’t ranked in any particular order, just the order I think of them, LOL.


wonderful life

It’s a Wonderful Life—I’ve only watched this movie, oh, every year that I can remember? It doesn’t get more classic than this. I even saw a professional stage production of it on December 2nd. SO GOOD.


home alone

Home Alone—umm, this is a no-brainer



white christmas

White Christmas–If I had to pick an all-time Christmas favorite, this would probably be it. I watched it all the time when I was little.


charlie brown christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas–All the awws. All of them.


christmas in connecticut

Christmas in Connecticut–My sister made me watch this movie over and over again until I fell in love with it. But, seriously, it’s a great movie. “Oh, Roberta!” 😉




Elf–yeah, yeah, I don’t condone Santa and all that jazz but Elf is HILARIOUS.



an affair to remember

An Affair to Remember–I don’t know if this *technically* counts as a Christmas movie, but there’s a holiday scene, so I’m going with it. You all know how I feel about this one.*grins* *cries*


meet john doe

Meet John Doe—Anne’s speech about “the First John Doe” at the end is my favorite.


So, anyway, that about wraps it up! Comment down below your favorites and any suggestions you have for Christmas posts!


Merry and bright,






Thanksgiving Wishes and New Theme

First off, I would like to wish you all a wonderful (belated) Thanksgiving! Mine was wonderful, and I hope the same for yours.


Also, as promised, I changed my theme!!! Isn’t the new one adorable???? Comment down below what you think of it. And, FYI, several Christmas themed posts are in the works–so stay tuned! 🙂



News+Historical Announcement

Hello, lovely ladies and gentlemen! I would like to interrupt your day only to say that


a) my cousin/sister/crazy person who lives with me is getting married!!! and




Okay, so, yes, I know that technically the first should be a bigger announcement. But whatevs.


Kenzie, a close friend of mine for half of my life/cousin-sister-thing is engaged. WHAT. Like yesterday she was thirteen and I was sitting on her lap arguing with her that horses are better than tigers and now she has a rock on her left hand and is wedding planning????????????????? (But I’m over horses now. #TEAMTIGER)


But in all seriousness, I can’t believe we’ve grown up this quickly and I wish Kenzie and Sam (the weirdo who makes her giggle like a mentally ill chipmunk) the best of luck. Congrats.

The wedding is set for May. YAY. I LOVE WEDDINGS. I’ll probably do a photo post after the graduation/vacation rush is over.




A CHRISTMAS THEME. *shrieks and throws candy canes everywhere*

And after Christmas…who knows what I’ll do. Shall I change it back to the adorable aquatic theme? Shall I change to something upbeat and funky for 2018? WHO KNOWS????



My Summer+Photography Post


School starts in a month.

I am not ready for this.

But here I am, typing away on Spike (my laptop–I watch too much Flashpoint) when I should really, really be sleeping. But, hey, it’s only 12:02. The night’s still young.

Ahh, summer. The three months of freedom that every elementary and high school student relishes alike. Usually packed full of vacations, birthday parties, soccer games, camping trips, and trips to the pool. In an effort to actually blog, I will tell you how my summer has gone-so far-in one word:


As every summer does, this one has flown by. I’ve gone to the ocean. I’ve watched fireworks and an airshow. I’ve stayed up late watching movies and playing board games. I’ve survived a trip to an alligator farm. I’ve cried tears of anger and tears of sorrow and tears of joy. I’ve endured spending almost half of my bank account to buy Spike (It was a painful ordeal). I have watched people laugh and cry, rejoice and mourn. I’ve been cooped up in a house full of people and in a tiny room by myself. I’ve sorted through hundreds of books and videos and magazines and sat behind a desk and answered childrens’ questions and marked off symbols on cardstock with Sharpies. I’ve written and I’ve read. I’ve played volleyball and mini-golf and went to the gym. I’ve chatted with friends casually and also have had some pretty serious conversations. I’ve driven a vehicle bigger than a Lincoln Towncar for the first time. I’ve explored ruins of forts and walked through nature reserves. I’ve been to gift shops and Walmarts and souvenir stores and Winn-Dixie and museums and art galleries and libraries and churches and hotels and historical sites and malls.  I’ve attended revival meetings and have been revived. I’ve made life-changing decisions and goofed off with other teenagers. I’ve lived.


In a few short weeks, my summer will be gone. School will start. So will strict schedules, early rises, microwaved lunches, long lectures, lots of highlitings, speed-readings, flashcard making, equation solvings, homework beginnings. But will it be good for me. And I’ll wait for the funny teachers, the recesses, the weekends, the moments when I can live again.


And now (drumroll, please) it is time for the long-awaited photography post!!!!!

I am very much an amateur who hasn’t had very much practice. My bestie and her ‘brother’, though, are also photographers, so I can get a few pointers. If you want to check out her photography board, click here.

And so, without further ado, here goes:





Am I doing this right?

Am I doing this whole blogging thing right? Because I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that says I’m not.


Should I post more about my life than I do? For that matter, should I post more in general? I don’t know. Should I post short stories? more book reviews? devotionals? Should I talk more about things people can relate to? Should I talk more about other people than just about me and my life? I feel like there’s so much I could be doing better that would mean more to people.


Should I have pictures on the side bar, or more widgets? Even fewer widgets? Should I follow more blogs?


I don’t know. When I first got this blog, I was so excited that people could see what I write, put their selves in my shoes for ten minutes. But now I don’t know if I write clear enough that they can. And, nobody will anyway, because nobody’s reading it.


Am I doing this right? Because I don’t think that I am.



‘Bama is calling and I must go

I’m going to Gulf Shores!!!!!!
Sandy beaches, sparkling blue water, a golf course filled with gators, twenty-three people in one house for a week…what’s not to love???

Saturday or Sunday I will see the ocean for the first time. It’s exciting. 😊 Meredith, my sister, is worried about sharks. I’m trying to reason with her… here’s how the conversations usually go:

Me–Sis, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than be bitten by a shark. Lighten up.

Mer–I don’t care! Shark attacks are always in the news! Eleven people have been attacked unprovoked in Alabama since 1900!


Mer–I don’t care. I want to see them coming at me. I hope the water is clear.

Me–*sighs* Whatever.
Anyway, since Meredith and our cousin Alyssa are graduating next year, my mom’s side of the family wanted to have a big vacation together before kids go off to college and start families of their own, so our grandparents, our family, and my mom’s siblings rented a house for a week. There are thirteen grandkids, ten of them girls, seven of those in the teenage years. Talk about no bathroom availability. 😂
We’re leaving Friday after Dad gets off work to drive to St. Lou to spend the night. Saturday, Meredith’s seventeenth birthday, we’ll drive the rest of the way and get in just in time for pizza. I think a party may be in the works…(Shh. You didn’t hear it from me.)😊
So, if I’m quiet for about a week, it’s because I’m building sandcastles under a summer sky. Hopefully I won’t be gone as long as last time.
Dreaming of the beautiful Gulf,


well, i have failed

As you all know by now. I aspired to do at least a post a week…haha.
High-apple-pie-in-the-sky hopes came tumbling down to crash on the rocky desert surface as I did not finish nor post the post I was wanting to post, entitled ‘the first randomness post.’ That was, like, three weeks ago???😑

(Wonders aloud) So is the term ‘post’ in blogging supposed to be like a post-it note? And the post-it note is stuck somewhere, like on a fridge or bulletin board, which is the blog itself? Huh. Weird.

Anyway, I shall try to do better and I might actually post something tomorrow…we’ll see. 😆

Procrastinating going to sleep,
Abby 💙