About Me

Hi. My name’s Abilene–my friends call me Abby, Ab, Abilooski, Abileney, and Abstract. Also, occasionally, wierdo. That name suits me.

Some things you should know about me:

I am fifteen years old

I hate broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans

I’m going to own a Golden Retriever named Daxby at some point in my life

History has always fascinated me

I once had a pet spider named Charlotte (Yes, because of Charlotte’s Web)

Chess is amazing but I never, ever win

I love Lego video games

I am messy

Clumsy is should be my middle name

Despite my messiness, I somehow ended up with orgazational skills???

I love Sleeping Beauty. Don’t get me started on Phillip

I love to write

I came to know Jesus at age seven

Procrastination is my weakness

I despise the modern usage of makeup

Sci-fi is, like, my favourite genre

I am thoroughly addicted to Pinterest

INFP is me!!!

I’ve got one big sis, two live-in ‘cousins’ and a goofy, big ‘brother’

I believe God is calling me to be a nurse

Plums are the bomb,

Potatoes are the bomb-diggity,

Pizza is the bomb-yo-diggity!!!!