The Tulle-Skirted Tomboy

Hello, dreamers


My name is Abilene. I’m an almost sixteen-year-old who lives in the great state of Ioway.

This blog is dedicated to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, without Whom I can do nothing.


me and like half the squad lol


Writing is my passion. I’ve finished the rough draft of my first novel and hope to complete my second one by the end of the year.


I enjoy many things–reading, writing, playing piano, chronicling my life via photography and vlogging. I also like Monopoly, baseball, and organizing.





me and cousin desta being nerds


I’m a tomboy. As I child, I more often played with the boys my age rather than the girls. I’m more comfortable dressed in full camo with a shotgun slung over my shoulder than I am sitting in a salon getting my nails done. I’m still very tomboyish (for example, the last time I climbed a tree was last month), but I like to keep a *teensy weensy little bit* of femininity, as long as it’s not too girly and doesn’t have to do with makeup (Because, gross).  As I like to call myself, I’m a tulle-skirted tomboy.


cousin kenzie, me, and sister meredith


slime. so epic.



I’m homeschooled. And I love it. My favorite subjects are history and science, particularly world history and astronomy. I can’t wait to go to college, and I’m always learning as much as I can.

mad scientist
me as a mad scientist



Most importantly, Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life, and I want to follow Him in everyway that I can. My blog is based off the verse Romans 8:38-39, for it is by His unending love that we live and breathe



~the tulle-skirted tomboy