The hermit lives!

Hello, friends. It’s me again.

I’d say life has thrown us a curveball, but that doesn’t begin to describe the turmoil of the last eight months. We’ve been playing baseball and then life decided to switch the game to boxing and knock us all down.

And yet, life goes on.

The crazy thing is, all of this time that I’ve been a hermit on this blog, I’ve been anything but in real life, even in these crazy times. I’ve been gone for quite awhile, I know. That was probably the longest hiatus I’ve ever taken (I’m guessing, I really have no idea).

Since I’ve left you, the world has gone crazy, the economy tanked, the country closed down, and many have feared for their lives and families.

Many things have changed, and not for the better. But change is normal, and as much as we try to stop it, like time, it keeps marching onward. Some change is good; other is not so much. What’s important is that you stand and fight for what you believe in, whatever side of the change that might be on.

But enough for the philosophy! How are you? And I mean, really. In the midst of this “scaredemic,” how are you holding up? Let’s chat in the comments.

Since I last posted, my life has completely changed. I’m not where I thought I would be. Ever since I was a child, I’ve liked to have everything planned out. This time, for the past year almost, everything has been the exact opposite of what I planned. But such is life, and this time, the personal changes in my life have been for the absolute better.

I’m now officially a high school graduate. I finished my classes in March(????) but didn’t have a party until September, when my mom’s family could come. It was really fun. Not what I hoped for, but still good.

I started my first official college class in May, Anatomy and Physiology I. Now I’m wading through A&PII, Dosage Calculations, and Intro to Nutrition. All online, of course. So that I can do the next b i g thing I’m going to tell you about….

My job asked me to go full time. It was really awesome the way God worked it all out, but that’s a post in and of itself. Anyway, I started working their full time in June and switched all of my fall classes (which I was planning on taking in-person) to online so that I could work. Balancing a 40-hour a week job with a 3/4ths load of classes has been tough but rewarding, and my grades are doing a-okay. Like my dad always says, you can do anything you set your mind to do.

On July 8, I turned 18, and my wonderful friends threw me a surprise party a few days before, which consisted of going to Happy Joe’s for pizza+ice cream, then hanging out at the park until 9:30 because there wasn’t anything better to do. All of the stores were still closing early at that point. Then, on day-of, I went to work, went to Chic-fil-a, went to church. Our church has a tradition where if your birthday falls on a week day, everyone gives you a dollar. I got $53. Then after church, I had friends take Polaroids of me with them, then I went and got ice cream at Beecher’s, a local amazing ice cream shop. Then I ate it on my way home and got ice cream all over my car.

Working a lot+my classes are the main reasons I haven’t posted. I hardly read for about 4 months, let alone did anything with my social media. But I’ve only got 3ish more weeks of classes, and then I’m taking a year off, not by choice (also another blog post of the future)…

I do really miss blogging, and I hope that I can get back into it going into the new year. But there’s also other areas of my life I need to catch up on. Healthy habits, organization, mental outlook. I’d like to start meditating, writing more, praying more, journaling more, thinking more instead of scrolling more. I’m going to take a social media fast at some point, during which I’m going to immerse myself not in the cares of this world but in the counsel of the Word.

A few things have happened in the past few months, and ultimately, many things throughout the whole year, that have really sunk into me the idea that life is unexpected. You never how long you have, so you have to appreciate the moment. Also, plans change, and that’s okay. Usually, if you work hard and do your best, things will work out anyway. As much as I despise this term, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. People change, too, and that’s okay. People drift apart and others come closer together and that’s all right as long as you do your best to be the kindest you can to everyone. That’s what I want to take from this year. Be kind, follow your dreams, and follow God.

I have few concrete plans for the new year, but I know I’ll be working, of course. Saving for a car, for college/grad school, that rainy day, that trip I’m taking next year (also a future blog post. I better stop promising more posts or I’ll do nothing but blog). Praying, reading, playing my instruments, growing and cultivating myself as a person. During my time off from college I’d still like to take the time learn, specifically history and classic literature (who wants to watch Les Mis with me?) and photography. I’d like to stay out all night and stargaze, go hiking, take more spontaneous trips, try aerial photography with my drone. I’d like to get back into baking, get a gym membership, buy binoculars and start birdwatching. I’d like to read all of the books on my shelves that I haven’t read, donate the ones I don’t like, and buy new ones. I’d like to play with my niece, hang out with my sisters, have girl dates with friends, go get coffee for no reason. Buy a pet. Finish another novel. I’m not going to hold myself to any of those, because I’ve found for me that it can be detrimental to feel that I have to do x, y, and z to feel happy and fulfilled. So I’m going to live in the moment, with these goals on my “let’s try to do this but don’t get bummed if we don’t get it done” list.

That’s about all that I have to say. This post is long and un-edited, for alas, I must needs return to my homework. But as a little bonus, here is one of my go-to Spotify playlists; another thing 2020 has changed is my music tastes, and I find myself falling in love with vintage songs about love. So here is my 2020 vintage romance playlist. Best listened to driving home from work late at night.

Goodbye, my darlings. I hope to be back soon.


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