Am I doing this right?

Am I doing this whole blogging thing right? Because I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that says I’m not.


Should I post more about my life than I do? For that matter, should I post more in general? I don’t know. Should I post short stories? more book reviews? devotionals? Should I talk more about things people can relate to? Should I talk more about other people than just about me and my life? I feel like there’s so much I could be doing better that would mean more to people.


Should I have pictures on the side bar, or more widgets? Even fewer widgets? Should I follow more blogs?


I don’t know. When I first got this blog, I was so excited that people could see what I write, put their selves in my shoes for ten minutes. But now I don’t know if I write clear enough that they can. And, nobody will anyway, because nobody’s reading it.


Am I doing this right? Because I don’t think that I am.




7 thoughts on “Am I doing this right?

  1. More people would read it if you wrote more. You haven’t written pretty much anything! You need to get a lot of content on before you start expecting subscribers. Plus you need to get yourself out there. You need to post comments on other peoples blogs that have the same type of audience as yours. But you need to provide something that people will come and read. Post at least 300 words once a week. Once you do that for about 2 months you will have a good amount of content and you can start commenting around. But be sure that you’re not annoying about asking for followers. Just comment on the posts that you like and that other people are reading and post a link to your blog under your name. Lot’s of people check those out, just make sure you have something on your blog that makes people want to come back, and not leave immediately.

    You can’t be discouraged yet, you’ve just started!

    Forget what others want to read. Write what you want to write about and the people that want to hear about it will come. If you feel like writing a short story, go for it. If all you want to do is chatter about random stuff, do that too! That’s the beauty of a blog. It’s yours.

    Best wishes! Feel free to come and comment on my blog and contact me if you want more questions answered. Right now I’d focus on adding content. Don’t worry about readers yet. It all takes time.



  2. Thanks, Libby. That really helps. I’m new at this and I just wanted to have my voice heard, you know? And I’m planning to be published once I finally finish my novel (if anybody will have it) so I guess I just wanted people to appreciate my work. But you’re right, I don’t really have any work on here! I suppose I shouldn’t worry about numbers and should focus on how I can use this blog to grow as writer and as a person.

    Thanks again!



  3. Hey there! I’m so glad you randomly found my blog, and we seem SUPER similar, so HI FRIEND! 🙂

    So, this is your blog. Are you doing it right? No. Because there is no ‘right way’ to do something creative. This blog is for thoughts and writing and Jesus-loving…this is you sharing *yourself*. Not someone else’s idea of yourself. Sure, there are strategic ways to boost your readers and stats and all, but that’s not the essence of your blog. I’ve had my blog for about 8 years now and I’ve gone from posting every week to posting once every few months…I’ve posted about really personal things, and then turned around and written essays on squirrels. (not even kidding, go find the post xD) . And what do you know, my blog survived. So let yourself do what you enjoy – this isn’t about pleasing someone else. One of the biggest keys to figuring out your blogging essence/creative process is getting comfortable enough with your work and loving it yourself. Do what you love, and love it. ❤


  4. Hello there! 😀 Glad you found me back!!! Thank you for the feedback–it really helps. And essays on squirrels??? OH MY. I must read them.=D BTW, could you post a link to your blog? I recognize your name and sort of remember stumbling across you but I cannot, for the life of me, re-find your blog. I went to the 2 Friends 2 Pens link but it doesn’t have any posts??? Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for the encouragement!!!



  5. The blog I was looking for (and now remember) was at the top of my side bar and I didn’t even realize it was the one!!! Betcha can’t tell I’m a blonde 😀

    No, I’ve only met a few of the people that I follow and Allie is not one of them, but that’s fascinating! I’m not even sure which one is hers right now (I’ve had a very long day and clicked through all the blogs I follow. Not seeing her name, I immediately gave up hope and dived into a pool of tired despair) but I’ll be sure to re-find it. In all of my homeschool years, I amazingly never went to a co-op. But half of the kids in my church were also homeschooled, so, ya know, it worked out. =D


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