So, I was looking at some random blogs tonight. And then the question popped into my head and I don’t know what to do.


Should I start another blog?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Abilene, you idiot, you just started this one not even a week ago. Why on earth would you want to start another one?


But what if that other one wasn’t just another one?


What if I made a story blog? Not unlike Brittney‘s story blog, which, unfortunately, I can’t find at the moment.




A story blog where I basically wrote a novel/novella/story/whatever from one character’s POV? It would make critiquing easier and would probably be good experience for when I’m actually trying to get published/whatever.




What do y’all think???


If you’re reading this, give me feedback! (Please?)


with randomness abounding,



3 thoughts on “HELP I NEED FEEDBACK

  1. I would say just post all your writings in the same place. One blog is enough for anybody to keep track of. I know – I have three and can’t keep them straight!


  2. I think that, if you feel like you can handle it, you should do it!
    Actually, that’s a great idea. It’d make critiquing so easy! However, what if you just added another page to this one? Would that work for you?
    Also, for a look at some serial stories by a very good Christian writer, check out Christa Kinde’s website at Whatever you decide, God bless!


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