Not An Average ‘Welcome’ Post

Just kidding. 

What can I say? I mean, considering this is my bloggy debut, I feel pretty proud of myself for coming up with that title. Hey, it’s better than “There’s no need to fear, Abby is here!” That would have bad.

A little about me: 

I’m a fourteen-year-old Christian, scholar, reader, writer, dog walker, nerd, musician, geek, and now *cheers* blogger! I love history and science (particularly astronomy). Fashion is not one of my strong suits. I can play the piano. The question is which piano. (You can laugh. I’m hilarious.)

I am the youngest in a family of four/six…I have two extra “cousins.” One is twenty-one and is staying with us so she can teach in our church’s school. The other is nineteen and is living with us because of a bad family situation. Having extra siblings is kinda fun. I have more people to tease. 😉 

I also have a sister who is two years older than me. If you want to check out her Etsy shop, comment below. She’ll appreciate the views. She also plays the piano (she’s waaaay better than me) and also knits, crochets, makes necklaces and does all sorts of crafty stuff. Me? I do what I know–duct tape. Blah.

If you have known me for any period of time, you might have noticed something–well, different about me. I have an obsession with a comic strip. Not just any comic strip, mind you. A particular one that’s over fifty years old. A comic strip known for a dog with a big black nose and a melancholy boy with a striped shirt. Yes, you guessed it. I love Peanuts. I have Peanuts tins, shirts, toys, pins, comic books, movies, calendars, at least one picture frame, signs, etc. It started when I was six and decided to see what those old comic books my dad had on his book shelf were all about. I quickly fell in love with the round-headed kid, his flying ace hound, and blanket-dragging friend.

I love old sci-fi as long as it isn’t corny, which doesn’t give me much to work with. 

For some reason, I have two jobs walking dogs, which doesn’t even make sense, considering I’m allergic to most breeds. Oh well.

I randomly collect marbles and Beatrix Potter items. 

I’m tomboyish. Big-time. When I was nine, I’d go days without brushing my hair. It was bad.

I’ve been a pastor’s kid, a deacon’s kid, and now am an assistant pastor’s kid. 

Chocolate is my weakness. I have a small addiction.

I was saved by the blood of Jesus at age seven. I go to a small, home-towny Baptist church in Iowa. It’s amazing. If you’re reading this and you’re from OPBC, you made my day. Comment below.

OK, well, I’m tired and have tests tomorrow so I’m gonna hit the hay. That was a long post. Congrats, random person, for reading through all of that. You win the “Person of the Minute” award. Go you. 😀


10 thoughts on “Not An Average ‘Welcome’ Post

  1. Yay! Congrats on your blog! You sound a lot like a certain sweet young lady at my church…Maybe you can meet her sometime 😉 I look forward to reading more!!


  2. Yay, I’m person of the minutes. XD

    You’re blog has gone quite a way since this post. Keep going and keep learning. 😀


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