NaNoWriMo 2018: Voyage on the Phantom

“My name’s Micah. Micah Pickford.”






You’re right, your brother-in-law, Jeffrey.


Idk about Jeffrey, he very well may be doing it, but so am I! Lol.



So yusss. I finally decided to do it. 50,000 words in a month. Can I do it? Yes. Will I do it? We’ll see!!!


Anywho, I’m very very v e r y very VERY excited about National Novel Writing Month and my project, Voyage on the Phantom. Here’s the (very cringy) blurb:


It is at the height of the American War for Independence. Warned by his late father of the danger of the conflict, Micah, as was his father’s wish, signs on board the mysterious Captain James Lyle’s ship as a steward. But while in the middle of the Atlantic, the ship is attacked–only for Micah to be captured by the most feared pirate of the high seas: Captain Dungil. As a cabin boy, Micah plots his escape. But while on board, he meets a young Japanese boy with a few dark secrets of his own.



Oooh, mystery! Muahahaha! Just kidding, I’ve never written mystery before, so not revealing some things at the beginning of the story is kinda hard, but I’m doing it. My current word count is 3,515. *screeches in excitement*



If you’d like to see more about my novel, here are some links:

My NaNo profile

My Pinterest mood board




On another note, because of NaNoWriMo, I won’t be posting as much on here (not that I post on here a lot, anyways). So it’ll be quiet around here for a month. The most I’ll probably be doing easy posts like tags and such (so tag me, peeps :D).



Are any of you all doing NaNo? If so, what are your novels?


I’ll see you in December!






The Bibliophile Sweater Tag

Hey, guys. Sorry for that long, unplanned hiatus–I was working on a few new posts and then caught a nasty virus dragged me down for almost two weeks. As you can imagine, I’ve had z e r o energy. Now, I’m over that, and have been for about a week, but life happened. Anyway, here’s a fun shortie tag from Gray Marie. Hope y’all enjoy!


Fuzzy Sweater (A book that is the epitome of comfort)

The Majesty of Grace by Jane Langton

I’ve read it so many times as a kid (and as a teen) that I know exactly how it sits in my hand, how it smells. I’ve memorized passages on accident.



Striped Sweater (A book you devoured every line of)

The Zoo at the Edge of the World

A quiet, unassuming middle grade novel that sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go.



Ugly Christmas Sweater (A book with a weird cover)

Image result for wonder cover

this is so popular it’s cheating i know don’t judge me



Cashmere Sweater (The most expensive book you bought)

Millie’s Fiery Trial (based off of the original Martha Finley books). Even though I’ve been over this series for what, five, six years, MFT finally was affordable (it had been eighty dollars because the series is out of print) so I went ahead and bought it for $16. It was kinda hard to do, honestly. I still haven’t read it yet.



Hoodie (Favorite classic book)

The Black Arrow by R. L. Stevenson. Despite a lack of fully-developed characters *cough cough*, it still maintains the title for my favorite book. Ever. And considering how many books I’ve read….yeah, it’s that good.



Cardigan (A book you bought on impulse)

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Because what about a thirteen-year-old being an ace detective doesnt’t sound logical???



Turtleneck Sweater (A book from your childhood)

Another case of youngsters solving mysteries. Personally, Ruth Rose was my favorite.



Homemade Knitted Sweater (A book that is Indie published)

erm I usually don’t read much Indie (except for fanfics but those don’t count) but…*digs through piles and piles of books*

Image result for tale of peter rabbit

Again, cheating. Don’t look at me that way.



V-Neck Sweater (A book that did not meet your expectations)

Image result for ivanhoe book

I was given this as a birthday gift and told “If you like The Black Arrow, you’re going to love this.” And my sister was always talking about how good it was, and it was, like, the classic ‘knight in shining armor’ novel. So I was thrilled. And then–nope. I liked the storyline, but Scott took waaaaaay too long to get around to it. And Rebecca deserved Ivanhoe much more than Rowena, I didn’t like her. Kind of vain. But Rebecca–so awesome.



Argyle Sweater (Book with an unique format)

Yellow star.jpg

The first book I ever read that was written completely in free verse.



Polka-Dot Sweater (A book with well-rounded characters)

literally nothing by rl stevenson jk jk

Because JAMMMOGEN. And Roden and Tobas+Amiranda. Not to mention Mott, the absolute best…..


Well, there you have, folks! I’ve opted not to tag anyone else since I wasn’t officially “tagged”, but feel free to steal! What are some of your favorite books?



Third Quarterly Wrap-Up

So, technically this title is a bit of a lie, because this is the first quarterly I’ve done, but it was the third quarter of the year. So anyway.


This summer has been packed, and I mean packed. A lot of good things (with a few bad mixed in) have happened to me, and I feel as if I have grown. So, let’s get started, shall we?


This quarter…




–My cousin graduated. Yay! After my sister, she was the first grandchild on my mother’s side to do so. She’s currently attending college for nursing.

–I got a job. A stipend-paid position at my local family center. For a month during the summer, I showed up to work every day and learned about employment and education opportunities based in my area. It was a lot of fun and I made a lot of new friends, as well as getting some direction with where I’m going with my life.




–I turned sixteen, and, as is a custom in my family, received a purity ring. Ain’t it purty?


me and my cousin mason ❤

–Spent a week in Indiana with my cousins. It was a blast, except for the scary call my aunt recieved halfway through week that said my cousin, on her way over to my grandmother’s house (where I and all my other cousins and aunts were at that point) had rolled her car. Thankfully, she only sustained minor injuries and is doing fine.

–Celebrated the Fourth of July with my church, ending the day with fireworks. #USA

–Determined to write 2000 words a day on my current WIP, The Alley Runners, and did so for over a month. Though it was mentally exhausting, overall it went a lot better than I thought it would, and I passed the 50,000 word mark while still having half the novel left to write. Score.



–Went to my local fair, and got cringy photos because of my lack of a good phone camera. It was a lot of fun though, except for the time I was squished against a random dude in a roller coaster who kept screaming swear words. That was kinda awful.

–Finally rode a mechanical bull, which has been a life dream of mine for FOREVER. I didn’t last to long, but it was worth the money.

–Trekked all through the fairgrounds, looking for my sister’s keys, all the while while a heavy metal rock band blared and drunk people stumbled everywhere, only to find out that the keys were in my sister’s purse all along and we had just wasted forty minutes of my life.

–Started playing the piano regularly of my church. Overall, it’s been stressful and nerve-wracking but very enjoyable; I’ve liked watching myself get better and have been rewarded by the complements I’ve gotten from my church family (who are extremely gracious about my ever-present mistakes.)



–Went to a homecoming football game. My team scored a touchdown within the first twenty seconds of the game.


–Visited the USS LST-325. Cool, right? I felt like I was walking through history.


–Started coloring in my Christmas coloring book again. #YOLO


*chatting in a group*

Lizzie *walks up to group*

Lizzie: I have something exciting to tell everybody but I forgot.



Me: So anyway….

Me: Why do you look so sad?

Desta *coloring*: You’re standing in my light….

Me: *moves*

Desta: Yassss



*Squad walks into Burger King on a Sunday*

Every BK worker behind the counter: Church group!!!

Me: *dies of laughter*



Sister: *knocks on bathroom door*

Desta, who is in the shower: *doesn’t answer*

Sister: *opens door* Hey I’m just coming in to grab my toothbru–

Desta: AAAAAAAHHHH *falls in terror*



*texting early in the morning on a Saturday*

Lizzie (also known as Beth): Are you awake?
Me: Unfortunately….

*idle chatter for two minutes*

Lizzie: Hey, listen to this…

Lizzie: Him to her:  “so I was listening to the radio earlier and they were talking about changing your name.”

Lizzie: Her to him: “oh really?”

Lizzie: Him to her: “yeah, have you ever thought about changing your name?”

Lizzie: Her to him: “well eventually ha….”

Lizzie: Him to her: “how about now?” (Gets down on one knee) “Beth, will you marry me?”

Me: whAT


Lizzie: *sends cutest engagement picture ever*




When it’s only September and it’s already cold





Hope you all like that long, random, thrown-together post. What was your summer like?


Five//A Short Story

flight sky earth space


“Five,” I whispered, buckling myself securely into my seat and laying my head back. I looked around the white cabin and waved at my Russian colleagues, who looked equally as nervous and excited as I felt. This was it–the big mission; history was being made, and we were a part of it.


“Four.” I closed my eyes, and suddenly I was back in my room as a kid, mapping out the glow-in-the-dark stars on ceiling in my head as I leaned back against the pillows. “And so,” Mother said, a quiet smile playing on her lips in the darkness, “Great Grampa Neil was the first man to ever step foot on the moon. And, someday, someone is going to go to Mars, and they’ll say the same for him. And then a planet outside this solar system…”


“Three.” I steadied my hands on the armrest and went over hundreds of thousands of memories that brought me to this day. My kindergarten interview, in which I stated that I wanted to be an astronaut. Receiving my first telescope. My high school graduation–I was inducted into the National Honor Society and was named valedictorian of my graduating class of two hundred kids. My senior trip to Kennedy Space. The college entrance exams. Tough, but worthwhile. After all, college got me here.


“Two.” My father’s picture flashed across my eyes, and chills sped up my spine as I thought of my hero I had never met. The grandson of Neil Armstrong. I closed my eyes and could still see the fire and smoke of the explosion I had watched on news clips years after the actual explosion–the explosion that had taken my father’s life.


“One.” Up in front of my face from where I had taped it on to a computer fluttered a picture of my mother, a hero in her own right. A hero who fell in love with my astronaut dad, and, even though the stars had taken him from her, pushed me to go explore them. And I was, I thought, grinning like the schoolboy I still was at heart. I was going to Mars, just like we both had always dreamed, hoped, prayed.


“Zero. Blastoff.”



Ceilings//Original Poetry Summer 2018

Composed in my head August 25th, 2018


I lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling

Mere inches above my head.

Cracks weave their way around the popcorn paint.

I look around. Ceiling meets the walls

I am closed in. The world starts to move.

I feel trapped.


I lay in the grass and stare at the ceiling

Miles and miles above my head.

Deep blue cracks weave their way between specks of stars.

I look around. There are no walls.

The sky ceiling is limitless. And beautiful

I feel free.


–abilene (the poet)

He hears my cry

Have you ever been stuck?


It feels like you’re drowning in a decision, unsure of what to, unsure of how you can fix a situation. You know what’s wrong but there’s no easy way to change it. It’s frustrating…





Let me tell you a secret. Lately, my writing has been a lot like that.


I’m working on the first draft of one of my WIP’s, The Alley Runners, and recently I felt like I hit a wall. There are two main characters, equal protagonists, and though the book is still in the early stages, I’ve been struggling. My protagonists personalities and feeling have been running together, even though, in my head, their personalities are different. Their character arcs are beginning to mesh. Keep in mind, this is only the first draft. But I didn’t want to toss at all the work I’ve already done, and I wasn’t sure how to properly map their character arcs, and so I had a dilemma. Do I really start all over again? And if I do, how to progress, because I love the beginning of my story? And if I map my character arcs, do I want to map them for a series, or for the single novel? If I decide I want this to be a series, do I want Though He Slay Me to be a stand-alone novel, so I don’t have to worry about writing two different serieses (that’s totally a word) at the same time? How do I write from two different yet similar point-of-views? AUGGH!


These were the thoughts I wrestled with late at night when I was trying to go to sleep. I just couldn’t find peace. My novel kept me awake, whispering to me in the back of my mind. An hour went past, and I still couldn’t sleep. Another thirty minutes. What do I do? I thought. It was beginning to weigh on me. I couldn’t get these nagging thoughts out of my head, and I was near tears in frustration. What did I do?


I prayed.


I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me earlier. I kind of just brushed God aside when I first laid down earlier that night, whispering an I’m-sorry-but-I-have-better-things-to-do prayer. The kind that doesn’t get any higher than the ceiling. But this prayer, this prayer was different.



I’m sorry, Jesus. I don’t know what you want me to do with my writing, but I give my books to you. Whatever you want me to do is OK with me. If it’s Your will that they never get published, great. My intent with these is to glorify and honor You, so I’ll let you decide what I am to do with them. Please give me your guidance and your grace. Hear my cry, oh God, attend unto my prayer. From the ends of the earth will I cry unto Thee. When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. 


That last section is taken from Psalms 61. It happens to be my church’s favorite Scripture song, and has proved to help me in many times of distress, and that was one of them. Suddenly, I knew God had heard me. Everything I was worrying about clicked together. I don’t know how to describe it. And I knew exactly what I was going to do with The Alley Runners. I’m still not sure about sequels, but I have faith that God will show me the way. Isn’t God good?


My point is, we don’t always know what’s going to happen next in our lives, be it tomorrow, next week, or next year, but we serve One Who does. He’s left us many promises in His Word telling us not to worry, that He is in control. Yet we take them for granted, or only think about them in times of trouble. Let’s start believing them.



I’m so grateful I serve a God who hears my cry.



–Abilene (blessedly assured)



An Explanation

Hey, y’all. I’m actually posting at the end of the month (like I stated on January 2nd that I would). Ironic, isn’t it? Well, it may not be to you now, but it will be at the end of this post….muahahahaha.


goblin king laughing GIF by LEGO

just kidding….maybe 😉


Anyway. This post is going to be a sort-of apology, because I made a promise that I couldn’t keep. If you want to read the post I will refer to and quote in this one, click here.



My Dilemma

So, my friends and fellow bloggers, I would like to say that I am sorry. In my first post this year, I stated this gem:


at the end of each month, I tell y’all how I did: how much water I drank, how far I ran, how many words I penned, how many posts I wrote, how much money I saved, how many books I read, etc. Then, at the beginning of each month I will restate my monthly goals with renewed vigor. (Ha!)


And do you guys think that happened?





that 70s show lol GIF





Doing scheduled goal-update posts every month was fine….until it got monotonous. I felt like I was saying the same things over and over again with no change, and I’m sure it was boring to read. So I quit, cold turkey. I didn’t say anything to you, or really to myself. I just stopped. And I feel guilty leaving you all hanging. So, without farther ado–an announcement!



For the second half of the year, I’m doing quarterlys!



Yes, I know there will only be two. Yes, I know this is kind of a late announcement after doing doing goal updates for longer than I’d like to admit. But I have to do something. I don’t want to abandon my resolution completely, so I’m merely modifying it.



So. In the works for next a month are a couple of book reviews, a writing prompt. Some fun things. Maybe a devotional. And I’ll see you all then.