Summer Wrap-Up

//it’s been a hot second hasn’t it. esp. because this summer literally was h o t. anyways//


dubuque county fair 2019




me being dramatic




things that happened…..

went to youth conference, #UNASHAMED. was a blast.



my perfect little niece was born july 27, 2019. isn’t she precious?

#roadtripped to indy and back twice, to des moines and back once, cedar rapids area once, hobby lobby a gazillion


graduation day 2019

bestie graduated. i honestly could not be more proud of her. she’s taken some huge steps recently in her life and is just trying to serve God. love her so much. ❤

i got a job!!! think i mentioned before but i work at hobby lobby!

passed my first ever college class, a cna course. 98% was my overall grade. it was good for me but now i’m just glad it’s over, l o l

saw two of my cousins graduate, one of which was third in her class of a hundred in twenty kids (same cousin which wants to go to Harvard law) the other one did well as well. so proud of these two!!!

was listening to my pastor give school orientation. he mentioned the graduation date and i was like “oh yeah! who’s graduating this year again?” and then sat there in shock when i realized it is indeed myself.

my best friend went off to college in a suburb of chicago, which is approximately three hours from here//not happy with her//jk

visited my local community college, got some direction in my life//also a free t-shirt



went to apple fest! so much fun.


went to grandparent’s 50th anniversary party. didn’t know most of the people there but somehow they knew me lol. anyways. spent probably an hour out on the playground, watching a couple of my cousins’ boyfriends wrestle with my younger cousins/jump off the roof of the jungle gym

stayed in indiana with family for a week, which consisted of roaming through a state park, thrift shopping, spending time with two cousins who just got their wisdom teeth out, making friendship bracelets, and watching a binge of cop shows with my cousin



went stargazing.



went to three plays—Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, and Murder on the Orient Express. Murder was my favorite, loved the ending.

watched Incredibles 2 on a big screen at a local park–my parents hadn’t seen it before and they really enjoyed it! incidentally, the screen de-inflated in the middle of the movie–it was crazy ^-^

went hiking w/my school through the Maquoteka Caves, which are about a thirty minute drive away from here. crazy fun!


watched a web miniseries called Star Trek Continues with my sister. It is almost e x a c t l y like TOS. sooooooo amazing. All of the feels, bro. All of them. Go watch it. Now.

ate like a ton of ice cream. this great pizza+ice cream parlor in my town has been open for forty five years so they did forty five cent cones all summer.

fell off my little cousin’s skateboard while trying to show off, scraped up my knee pretty bad. didn’t really hurt but then somebody looked at my leg and was like “are you all right?” apparently there was blood running down my leg lol

went camping in a camper for the first time ever with my aunt, uncle, cousins and some friends of theirs–made friends with the friends’ two little boys. they were big soccer players and i was watching a Fifa game with them and they knew way more about it than i could ever hope to know lol. also i learned that i will never be able to outrun a five year old soccer player.


favorite book read: code name verity, by far.


will update soon with favorite scriptures, quotes, etc. sorry for the extreme lateness of this post. honestly, these last couple of months have probably been the most stressful of my life, but i’m trying to get back into blogging.


love you all, and sorry for the long absence.






Summer To-Be-Read List

~Hey, y’all.~

I really don’t have an excuse for not posting this. I really don’t. Except of course, of life and work, but we all have that, and some of us (not me) still make time for blogging during that. Anyway.

I’m sorry is this sooo late. I’m posting a wrap up video this week as well, and hopefully (fingers crossed!) that will be on time. Anyway, here’s my summer TBR list; I doubt I’ll finish reading all these this summer, but if I do, there’ll be another TBR barrelin’ down the pike. (But seriously. This summer I’ve got work, re-writing my novel, volunteering at the library, driver’s ed, a CNA course, and trying to hang out with my best friend before she leaves for college, along with various other church activities, but I digress.)



Image result for hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

Perhaps the classic science fiction tale, ranked with Frakenstien (which I’m currently reading, btw) and Isaac Asimov stories as the best. I’m very, very excited to read this. Very. (Did I say very? Well, let me say it again.) Very excited!!!


Image result for millie's fiery trial

The last book in a series I’ve been on a cliffhanger with ever since, oh, let me see…May of 2012. I’m not kidding. Seven years later, I’m going to finally FINISH THIS SERIES (which I loved, btw), but I have to start over and read the whole series from the very beginning to get to this one with the right context since it’s been so long since I’ve read it. Anyway. I’m totally stoked to read this.


Image result for watership down book

A classic my little friend at church, Livi, loaned me. Apparently it’s about bunnies…I really have no idea, other than that, what the plot’s about. Anyway, she liked it, and she’s nine, so who am I to argue with a child?


Image result for alex rider secret weapon

Because, ALEX RIDER. We all know about the love affair I had with this series last summer…now, I’m rekindling an old flame in preparation for #Nightshade. #alexrider #stoked


Image result for carry on mr. bowditch

My sister recommended me this book, and I’ve learned to trust her recommendations (such as Tucket’s Travels, Anne of Green Gables, and the A Life of Faith series), and the story is set a ship, as is my novel Voyage on the Phantom, so reading this counts as research, right????


Image result for jurassic park book

Because I recently found out one of my favorite movies was based off of a book. And it’s dinosaurs. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs???


Image result for not a sound

By a local author I met at a writing conference last year. This is going to be the first of her books I’ve read.


Image result for frankenstein book cover penguin

Like I said, I’m currently reading this, and I’m almost done with it. It has it’s ups and downs; it’s not my favorite book, but I could hardly call myself a science fiction fan with never having read it. It’s certainly an interesting read.


Well, that about wraps it up! What are you all doing or reading this summer?



Capture the Horizon

Hello, all! I know I mentioned I would post a to-be-read list next, but I found this short story/flash fiction while I was going through my computer tonight, and thought I’d go ahead and upload it. I wrote it for a contest based around the phrase ‘capture the horizon’ and promptly forgot about it. I don’t even remember if I entered it into the contest! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!


“Please don’t leave me, Nagan.”


The words broke my heart a little bit more, and though I struggled to hold back tears, I knew it was time.


“I have to, sweetie. It’s over.”


The little girl gripped my hand, her chin quivering as she looked up at me. “I need you.”

I gently kissed her light blue hair. “I know. I know. But I have to go. The war…it calls me, Legla. I have to follow.”


She gazed out of the porthole, looking at the stars but not really seeing. “We could ‘capture the horizon’ together, Nagan, just like the Al’Ruan says, just like Yavna wrote all those years ago. You don’t have to go to war. You could steal this ship, go with me instead. We could explore the Fast Allorans, maybe even go to T-chelep. We could disappear. Please.”


“Var’esh,” I corrected gently, the corners of my mouth turning up into a smile. Though her quotation of the Al’Ruan was correct, her knowledge of the authors of the sacred book was a bit shallow. “Var’esh said that, sweetie.”


“I don’t care who said it.” She suddenly wrapped her arms around my waist, her small chest quivering with sobs. “I don’t want you to leave, Nagan. Please don’t leave me.”


“Hey, hey,” I whispered, kneeling to look into her tear-blurred amethyst eyes. “We’re Spirions, Legla. We never give up. Never. We’ve been at war with the Qloens for twenty-five holions, but do we give up? What is your name, little one?”


“Legla–but I don’t want you to go!”

I stood, straitening my uniform, trying to look like our long-dead father. “What is your name, little one?”

Slowly, she raised her chin, as she had been taught to since birth, squaring her shoulders and penges. “My name is Legla Pyonce, and I am daughter of Wetpre Pyonce, captain of the Spirion StarBattlers. I am a Spirion, citizen of Cl’lenk, and I am proud to be who I am.”

“Very good, Legla.” I bent to her level again. “Now. I will come back, I promise you this. The Qloens will not defeat me.”


“But how can you be sure?”


“Because I’ll be coming back to you, my love.” I swiped at a tear that had fallen down my cheek. “And I will always come back to you.” I wrapped her in a tight hug, knowing that it might be the last time I ever touched her. “I love you, Legla.”


“I love you, big brother.” Slowly, she released me, and I knew she had made her peace with my decision. “Fight bravely, Spirion.”


“I will, Legla.” I stepped into the lift next to the half dozen other Battlers. Before the doors closed I saw my sister grimace as if in pain, touching the claren pendant at her throat. So young, I thought. So young, and so brave. I closed my eyes, trying to forget that I might never see her again, that my eleven-holion-old sister would lose everyone in the galaxy she loves if I didn’t come back. But it would be worth it if we won this war. If she could be safe. If she could have freedom. Even if I didn’t come back, it would be worth it, and, someday, she would be able to capture the horizon.



May TBR Update

Hey, y’all. I know this is back dated as May 31st, but I’m actually posting this on the eleventh of June, and I just wanted to say I’m sorry for the long pause from me. My life has gotten really busy lately (busier than it already was, which is saying something). Anyway, here’s a short update for May’s books. Honestly, I don’t know when my June TBR will be out–I work every day this week except Thursday, and I’m busy that day–but hopefully I will find time to write it–and to figure out what I’m reading for it–soon. That’s how crazy my life has been; I don’t even know what I’m going to read next month. It’s a strange feeling.


Anyway, without further complaining, let’s get into it, shall we?


Image result for left for dead book

This was a good one. It was full of facts, but it also had a story line, and I loved Hunter’s crusade. A very good read if you’re looking for WWII nonfiction, especially for tweens and teens.


Day of Deliverance: A Jack Christie Adventure

This was okay. I enjoyed the plot and the fact that it was extremely clean, but it didn’t really stick out to me as one I’d like to read again, and generally that means I didn’t enjoy the book that much. I’m also not interested in reading any other book in the series. Fine and fun, but not for me.



Image result for the outsiders book cover 50th anniversary

“Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.” This book shattered my heart into a million little pieces. It is such a sweet, sad, real-life story of loss and love and finding your place in the world. I cannot begin to describe how deep and meaningful this book is. I loved it, and plan to read it again, and again, and again….


Image result for the invention of hugo cabret

I liked it, but honestly, it was kind of a let-down after the movie. I’m not sure I’d just idealized the movie in my mind, or just thought the book was going to be “so much better”, as books usually are, or what happened, but even though I really enjoyed it, it’s just ‘okay’. The illustrations were cool, but they kind of set me off balance, honestly.  After reading books for so long, it’s kind of hard for me to follow a story in pictures. Anyway. I did enjoy it, just not as much as I thought I would.


Image result for peter pan j m barrie

THIS BOOK IS SO FUNNY. I loved this book. I laughed through this book. It was glorious. Go read it, right now. Don’t rely on the stinking Disney movie to give you real Peter Pan vibes. GO READ THIS BOOK.



Image result for brown girl dreaming

This is such a sweet book. I loved it, and, surprisingly enough, pretty well followed the story even though it is in verse. I’d recommend it, and I daresay I might read it again.


Image result for hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy paperback

Even though this was the book on this list I was the most hyped for, it was the only I didn’t finish. Sad, I know, but I’ll definitely read it in June, and I’m still very excited for it.



Image result for virals

This book wasn’t as clean as I hoped, and for said reason I’ve decided not to read the rest of the books in the series. There were a number of curse words, not enough for me to put down the book but enough for me to stay clear of the author. Other than that, it was pretty clean, and I enjoyed the plot as well as the characters.


What have you all read this month?



May To-Be-Read List

Hello, darlings! I’m back today with my May book list, as promised. Sorry this is a bit late; my life has been crazy hectic lately (trust me, you have NO IDEA), and I really haven’t had much time. Anyway, here you go, and hope you enjoy!!!!


Image result for left for dead book

I’m reading this non-fiction WWII account currently, and it’s very interesting but chock full of information, which means, for me, it’s slow going. I am enjoying it, but I’ve decided to read about a chapter a day while reading other fiction books so I don’t get bummed out of reading in general for this month. So far, that system seems to be working, giving me time to both read fiction and non-fiction and not feel too pressured to finish Left for Dead right away. I’ll let you how it went at the end of the month.


Day of Deliverance: A Jack Christie Adventure

Because I didn’t finish it last month, and, also, time travel. To Elizabethan England. Cool, right? (Incidentally, this is the first book set in England I’ve read since I finished the Alex Riders series last summer).


Image result for the outsiders book cover 50th anniversary

A classic I’ve somehow never read. I picked up this copy at Books-A-Million about a month ago and have been aching to read it ever since. Also, I’ve seen the movie, but it’s been awhile.


Image result for the invention of hugo cabret

I watched the movie as a kid and enjoyed; years later, I watched the movie as a teen and LOVED it. That was a few months ago, and, ever since then, I’ve been wanting to read this. Apparently with all of the illustrations it’s a very short read, which is okay, because I’ve got a lot on my list this month.


Image result for peter pan j m barrie

Yet another classic I’ve never read. I have read this one, and have considered reading this one, but never the original. I am ashamed. Which is why I’m reading it now.



Image result for brown girl dreaming

I’ve heard of this one, picked it up at the bookstore, saw it on the award winner’s list at the library, and finally thought “Why haven’t I read this yet?” The summary tantalizes me, and it’s written in poetry, so I know I’ll like it. Have any of you read this one yet?


Image result for hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy paperback

I’ve been waiting years to read this one and am finally getting around to it. Terrible, I know. It’s a shame I’m the way I’m. did i really just write that sentence Anyway, I need to read this, and all of the sequels, of course, but those will have to wait for another month.



Image result for virals

Because it’s a book about a group of sci-philes (the nerdiest term for science nerd out there) who rescue a wolf pup from an experimental lab, only to be bit by the puppy and gain puppy powers (strong sense of smell, heightened agility, etc). Who doesn’t want to read that? Now, normally, I don’t read a lot of YA unless I know it’s clean. I’m hoping this one will be, but we’ll see.



And that’s all, folks!!! Are y’all reading any good books this month? Have any big plans for the summer? Let’s chat!




Two-Year Blogiversary Q-and-A

Two years ago………………


“Not an Average ‘Welcome’ Post”

Just kidding. 

What can I say? I mean, considering this is my bloggy debut, I feel pretty proud of myself for coming up with that title. Hey, it’s better than “There’s no need to fear, Abby is here!” That would have bad.


Two short, wonderful years ago, I started this blog as a way of connecting myself with the world, with other teen writers, authors, Christians, and dreamers of of all ages. Now, it’s grown so much in so little time. When I started this blog, I never dreamed of the following I would have or what I would accomplish because of this ‘cozy little corner of the interwebs’–the poetry I post, the stories I would write, the positive feedback I would get. It’s been a wild ride, a bumpy ride at times, but I wouldn’t trade all of my lovely followers–you guys–for the world.


To celebrate this historical occasion, I’m doing my first ever question-and-answer. Though I get a lot of comments on original work I post on here, when I asked for questions, you guys were pretty quiet–I guess that’s a good thing, because you know me pretty well? So, mixed in with the questions I did get, I’m adding a few of my one–ones I think you would be interested to know. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.


Question and Answer

To make this easier, I’ve divided this up into topics.


Family and Friends

1. Who is Lily?

Ah, yes, an enlightened question. This is Lily:


She is my best friend, the Batman to my Robin. I honestly can’t imagine my life without her–even though she can be totally annoying sometimes. 😀 Just kidding I’m actually very serious.



2. How many siblings do you have?

Kenzie and me


One biological, Meredith, and two who are ‘adopted’, Kenzie and Destiny. Though we squabble a lot, I couldn’t ask for better siblings. They’ve influenced my life in so many ways, and, without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. (For better or worse!) XD



3. Are you the oldest, youngest, or in the middle?

Mer-Bear, Kenzie, and me

I’m the youngest.


4. When is Kenzie’s baby due?

Katie is due July 28, and, as you could well expect, we are all very excited!!!





1. Are your books Though He Slay Me and The Alley Runners somewhere on your blog?

No. Since I have an intention of publishing these, I’m not posting them online, but if anyone would like to be an advanced or beta reader, please let me know and I will be glad to send you a copy of them when I’m ready.


2. Is Enemy of Evil part of your first novel?

No, which I explained in the first chapter of Enemy of Evil; it is simply an escape from regular writing. It’s a story I want to write but don’t really care to research deeply to publish, so I’m writing it on my blog. It is not part of any of my novels on my novel page.




1. What is your email address?

Getting a wee bit personal, aren’t we??? Just kidding. If you want to contact me, there’s a button in the top right corner, or you can comment on my posts, of course. In lieu of recent off-topic comments, if you have a question unrelated to the current blog posts, please send them to me via the contact button.


2. How old are you?

I am sixteen…going on seventeen, of course, and I’m about to finish my junior year of high school.


3. Are you homeschooled?

my school (in a very unorganized photo)

Yes and no. I am homeschooled, but my mother teaches regularly at our local church’s school, and so, oftentimes, I go to the school with her and do my work with the other teens.


4. What church do you go to?

Old Paths Baptist Church in Dubuque, Iowa. Here’s the website if you want to take a peek.



Well, I think that’s all, folks! If you have any more questions, please comment down below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Lots of love,


April TBR Wrap-Up

Hey y’all! Sorry this post is a wee bit late; it’s been a crazy, hectic month. I’m not sure when my May to-be-read will be posted, but stay tuned–I hope to have it up sometime later this week, probably after I publish my blogiversary post. By the way, the q-and-a is still on–ask me your questions!

But without further ado, here is my list!


Image result for the hardy boys book 1

Frankly (did you see what I did there?), I was disappointed. I’m sorry, but I’m not twelve anymore. I suppose I should have read this series when I was younger–I would’ve probably got more of a kick out of it then–but it wasn’t bad, just kind of bland.


Image result for a whole new world book

Now this one–THIS ONE. SO GOOD. I mean, I wasn’t a super huge fan of Aladdin, but after reading this, I’m rethinking my life. Now towards the end, things did get a bit predictable, but it was wild enough to keep me reading and loving. If you like retellings of any type, you MUST read this. #thegenie #inlove


Image result for my brother sam is dead

To be honest, I’m not really sure why this got a Newberry. It honestly wasn’t that interesting, at least not the ending. I kept reading to see what would happen, but after what happened happened I was like “Really? That’s it?” Anyway. I was disappointed.


Image result for the invasion of the moon 1969

I did not anticipate how boring this would book would be, but, despite the fact that it is extremely verbose, the author has a fun style and is very sarcastic (thus he has my respect.)


Code Name Verity

No, no, I’m not crying, what are you talking about??? This book did not break my heart and crush my soul at all; didn’t make me question things, didn’t make me think, didn’t make me desperately need Verity to be all right, didn’t kill me when she wasn’t. No. What are you talking about?

In all seriousness, I loved l o v e d loved this book. It was from such a different perspective, written in such a unique format, told such a beautiful, heart-wrenching story of love and friendship and loyalty. I gave it seven out of five stars. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the language; in parts, the book was littered with curse words. Also, there was a bit of more mature content (the protagonist is being held captive by the Nazis) but it’s not extensive. For these reasons, I would only recommend this to older readers.


Image result for left for dead book

I didn’t get to this one this month.


Image result for adventures of the red tape gang

Also, again, I’m not twelve anymore. I would’ve gotten more of a kick out of it when I was younger (especially during the phase I was obsessed with forts. I would’ve loved the idea of the gang’s hideout). Anyway. It was all right.


See the source image

I’ve started this one, and it’s about what I expected; not terrible, not fantastic. I plan to finish it soon.



Did you all read any good books this month? Do you have any questions for the question and answer? Let’s chat!